Battle of Yorktown

By: Alena, Daniella and Brandon

Lord Charles Cornwallis

By Alena

1. One Paragraph:
The Battle of Yorktown was on of the last battles between 1775-1783. Cornwallis was a British general at the end of the war. The battle of Yorktown was the last major military operation of the American Revolution during or in the 1775 - 1783. George Washington thought Cornwallis decision as a golden oppurtunity. In August 1781, a large French fleet arrived from the West Indies and blocked Cheapstake Bay. These ships had prevented ships from recieving supplies and also from escaping. The people aslo let George Washington come and trap Cornwallis on the actual peninsula. George Wahington had enough men to trap Cornwallis because a large French force led by General Jean Rochambeau had joined his army.

2. Vocabulary:

  • Yorktown: noun - A village in the southern, eastern Virginia.
  • battle: noun - a hostile encounter or engagement between opposing military forces.
  • leadership: noun - the position or function of a leader.
  • Commander: noun - U.S. Navy. an officer ranking below a captain and above a lieutenant commander.
  • strategy: noun, plural - a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result.

3. Three Pictures:

external image surrender_cornwallis_70228_1.jpgexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQNQtW7CaWYtrytBC_7qw7jB0Up0tbHjYJ67A0ZDH7aS6YfmAr4external image cornwallis-tipu.jpg

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5. Primary Source Document (text only):

Quote from Lord Charles Cornwallis when it was the hardest fighting he said "I never saw such fighting", but then later Cornwallis declared "since god made me".

This quote that he had said about the war meant that the fighting was so harsh ,but something told me that god wanted and said we need to do this to solve problems.

6. 10 Fun Facts:

  • The battle of Yorktown was the last major military operation of the American Revolution during or in 1775 - 1783.

  • Lord Charles Cornwallis was a general who led the British at the end of the war.

  • The battle of Yorktown was the last major military operation of the American Revolution during or in 1775 - 1783.

  • Cornwallis was trapped on the pennuisula by George Washington and his troops.
  • George Washington traveled all over the thirteen colonies.
  • Cornwallis was an important person part of the battle.
  • Trapped in Yorktown Virginia.

7. Work Cited:
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By Alena

George Washington
By: Brandon

1. One Paragraph

George Washington was a general and commander in chief during the course of the American Revolution. Washington’s men with the help of the French forced Cornwallis and of his men to surrender, and give the colonists the freedom they deserved. Washington’s army was formed of untrained troops, but thanks to his leadership, knowledge and dedication he led his men out of Valley Forge and other hardships. This made everyone of Washington’s men stronger and more dedicated towards their independence. The participation of the individual citizens influenced the events by the Americans adding a bigger army. That gave them more confidence which motivated the colonists to defeat the British and declare their freedom.

2. Vocabulary

George Washington- A general of the colonists during the American Revolution.

Surrender- To give up.

Freedom- Having liberty and being free.

Untrained- Not trained or prepared for something.

Dedication- To take pride and stand by your desicions.

3. Pictures

Cornwallis surrendering
Continental Army
George Washington

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5. Primary Source Document

Primary source document:

· "Nothing short of independence, it appears to me, can possibly do. A peace on other terms would..... be a peace of war."
This is a quote said by George Washington in 1778
· This quote means that the colonists aren’t giving up on their chance for freedom and they believe that they will defeat the British and get what they want.

6. Facts
10 Fun Facts
· George Washington was a general during the American Revolution
· Washington led his men of untrained troops throughout all of the 13 colonies
· Washington and his men fought the British
· General Howe was the general of the British during the American Revolution
· The French helped the colonists after the battle of Saratoga
· The British were forced to surrender by the colonists
· The British surrendered in Yorktown, V.A.
· When both sides signed a treaty the colonists were free from the British rule
· Washington’s army was called the Continental Army
· George Washington was committed to getting his freedom