Wiki Assignment


Research & Writing

First you have to discuss your topic with your team, and then choose a subject you'd like to become an expert in.

1. AS A TEAM: As a team, you will be writing a short introductory paragraph to your general topic on the wiki. Start with our textbook and read all you can about your topic. Use your class notes or any other information you may have collected. Consider these questions as you write your intro:

  • What are the most important things to know?
  • What are the key vocabulary words and their definitions?
  • How does your topic help answer the theme questions?

2. Then talk to your group and brainstorm some ideas for individual research.

  • What do you want to know more about?
  • How can this information be presented in a more interesting way?

3. Each person will choose a specific subject to research about your topic. You can't team up - each person must choose his/her own individual subject.Here are some suggestions

  • Are there any key people you can research?
  • Are there any good movies about this topic? Are the movies historically accurate?
  • Food, clothes or technology important to this topic.

4. AS AN INDIVIDUAL: You will be researching and writing an article for our wiki textbook about your specific subject. Each article must include the following elements:

1. Article: A clear heading or title for your article, and at least 2 parapgrahs of well-edited text.
2. Vocabulary: List at least 5 terms and definitions related to your topic
3. Pictures/Videos: Include pictures with captions, and a video
4. Link to Another Site: provide a link to at least one other site that provides more information about your topic.
5. Primary Source Document: Choose a primary source document related to your topic. This document can be written text, or an image, like a political cartoon or a painting.
  • Written Text Tasks: Translate this document! Put it into your own words.
  • Note: if you choose a long document, such as the Declaration of Independence, cut and paste approximately 200 words of the document.
  • Image Tasks: Describe the image in detail, and identify the point of view of the artist
6. Differentiated: For this section, you can do whatever you want as long as it is educational and relates to your topic. For example, write a poem. create a crossword puzzle, write lyrics to a song, draw pictures, diagrams or charts. Be creative and show what you know!
7. Works Cited: Use and keep track of your sources on a daily basis. Minimum sources: 1 book, 2 electronic.

All the Google tools, like GoogleEarth, are there for you to use! Explore the all the different things you can do.

5. AS A TEAM: As a team, create a 10 question "fill in the blanks" quiz to conclude your wiki page.

Split up work as equally as possible! Remember, you will be graded on what YOU do, not what someone else does.


Collaboration & Revision

One of the most important parts of creating a wiki is working with other people. Here's how we'll do it.

  1. You are required to post at least one comment about a teammate's wiki.
  2. You are required to respond to at least one comment from a teammate or teacher. If you think they have a good comment, revise your work.

  1. You are required to post at least one comment to a student on another team.
  2. You are required to respond to at least one comment from a student on another team. If you think they have a good comment, revise your work.


Make suggestions!
  • Did you understand everything on the other team's wiki?
  • What can they add to help you understand it?
  • Does it need more visuals or sounds to make it interesting?
  • Do you know something about this topic that might be good to add to the wiki?
  • Is it user-friendly (easily to navigate, easy to read, clearly laid out)?

Give compliments!
  • What makes it a good wiki?
  • Praise effort and creativity!